The worlds first 2-way emergency pendant communicator
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FreedomAlert is the first product ever to allow you instant 2-way speaker phone communication through your mini wearable pendant to family, friends, or neighbors, at any time from ANYWHERE in or around the home. If you programmed contacts are unreachable at the moment - the system can default to contact a 911 emergency operator.
Never be out of range from assistance again.

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You are never alone with FreedomAlert.

  • Emergency operators are available as backup if needed
  • Complete coverage in and around your home
  • Multiple Pendants
  • Emergency Wall Communicator

About Us:

Safe Alert Store is committed to providing safety devices for seniors to use in the event of an emergency. In doing so, we assist individuals and families by bringing peace of mind to them and their loved ones should the individual need assistance, but is unable to use a phone or call out for help.

The device we supply is of the highest quality materials and construction, as well as functional in a broad variety of settings. With a range over 600 feet, and it’s water resistant capabilities it provides safety for the wearer, whether they are outside gardening or inside taking a shower. Since this device works with the local telephone and local 911, there is never a monthly fee.